"Take our time See the signs On the road to somewhere..."

This photo was taken around january 2010. We went sledding with my friends and as usual I had my camera with me...and this is something I took "accidentally"

I know I know, I've been posting the most random photos lately, none of them have been a project I've had in mind or anything planned..but people, I photograph a LOT and when I say alot, I really mean it. Most of those photos just pile up in my computer and never see "the daylight". So lately I've been going through my photo folders, trying to find beautiful/look worthy photos that I haven'te really noticed before or have forgotten about. Just pictures ans moments from average life. So bare with me and atleast try to enjoy them and find the same beauty that I see.


Haven't listened to Goldfrapp in a looong looong time. Like REALLY listened, concentraded on it, you knooooow what I mean. So I was so glad when I started to listen to goldfrapp cd's that I have and "found her" again, if you could say that...

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