"is it better to have loved, than not at all?"

Beautiful, beautiful song and a vid:


" I close my eyes and emagine the tiny glitter..."

I had to add this here as well. I used to do more digital art, now it's gone more and more to just taking photos. But I enjoy doing these every now and then.
Hope you like it!

p.s. lovely song...I think it fits with the mood of this pic :)


"only sleeps with butterflies..."

Few new pics I took of my sis...we were sort of just playing around :D haha, but I'd take pictures of her when ever, she's GORGEOUS!


"you are my high..."

Some pics I took of my cello. Yes I play/played cello :)



"come on make some big jumps big jumps!"

More Emiliana Torrini... beautiful voice...


"Dreams are shining Finally they're within reach "

For some weird reason I wanted to make these B&W...I love B&W pics, but my faces project was supposed to be with colour... well I guess I could mix and match both. We'll see what happens...
Anyways, my new model and I had some troubles with the light again...I think I might have to take some of the pics again :(

BUt look at her...look at that cute fish face there :D hahah she's so pretty! and with the best abbs I've ever seen... hahhahaha

Hope you like them,

"There's a way, there's a way I know that someday we will surely find it.."

Close your eyes and listen to this song...LOVELY!!!
Makes me always feel sooooo relaxed and peaceful...


"you've got to feel the vibe"

Now this is real passion for something that you love.
I wish that I could dance like that...I've liked Sofia Boutella for a long time now, she's an amazing dancer:

"Have you ever been hit so hard it sends your body flying across the room? We all fall to the floor at some point. It's time to pick yourself up. That's the real challenge, isn't it?"


"my heart is beating like a jungle DRUM!"

I've been a fan of Emilia Torrini for ages...and I just wanted to sharte this song with you guys: