"I am the wilderness locked in a cage, I am a growing force you kept in place..."

Here I am,
sitting in my kitchen with my two lovely sisters. My baby sis (who's in the pictures) and my 3 years older sister (the blondie who poses in my pictures quite often)
My older sister is making brownies and my little sister is giving advise (and telling her views on things) while I write this and try to jump in the conversation every now and then and old Christmas songs play in the background. (I love multy tasking :P)
And I just have to say, I LOVE these moments...all of us 3, we're really close and we always have the most meaningful conversations together in this kitchen, while one of us bakes...and it's... just...perfect! These are the simple little moments that I live for and enjoy the most in this life. In just few minutes to few hours our relationship gets deeper and we feel more closer to each other and know what's going on in our lifes, just by baking and talking together...we might go on with our own lifes for weeks not really talking that much, but there always comes a time when we meet up in the kitchen and spill our guts.
It's funny how much things have changed in just few years and it's even funnier how much things can change in just weeks...you think that life just stands still and nothing happens...and then you meet up with your sisters in the kitchen, listen to what has happened to them and tell what has happened to yourself and realize that the world goes on all the time and you and everybody else around you keeps changing wether you want it or not...

Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new... but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design? ~Paracelsus

Well here's some pictures I took of my litle siser today. Man, let me say it again, I have a beautiful family, don't I? ;)
The one at the bottom is my favourite one. I love how her mouth is relaxed and you can see her other eye peaking behind the feather...and look at that skin...she has always had the most beautiful skin ever. Simply just beautiful girl.


Song I love by Oh Laura - release me