"It's hard to except yourself as someone you don't desire..."

Took this yesterday, it's part of a project I have in mind again :D hahah
Just need few models more, but I think that this project will be held for the next few weeks since I'm going to fly fly far away to a land called USA and I'll be there for few weeks.
So bare with me tille then!



"All things grow, all things grow..."

Something that I "doodled" today with my 0.20mm and 0.20mm permanent markers.

I felt like I needed to draw.
I've had a break with that again and I should never EVER loose it.
I could feel that I was rusty and that's not a good thing. Never ever let the things you're good at or enjoy the most in this life get forgotten. Cause if you forget the things you love, the things you enjoy and the things that brighten your life, then what are you left with? The boring same old same old days...always remember to practise and work on the things you're not so talented with as well as with the ones that you are.
Never assume that you're good at something!


"You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. "


"keeping me calm like you do, I love you, I love you..."

More of these...yeah...

...Nothing else to update here...

...Enjoy, I suppose...



Got to love the guys here, fighting for their chance to get married :P haha

That's it. See yah later!


"I'll be here, I'll be around..."


This is why I adore our yard...
even though it's fall, or should I say especially now that it's fall...
and even though I hate the cold (today was pretty warm though)
our yard always ALWAYS surprises me and cheers me up...yummy yummy!

me trying to be so natural hahah


It's just abrolutely gorgeous to walk around there...


PLUMS! my favourites!

Artist I now LOOOOVE thanks to my lovely sister Meri! <3 I owe you for this! ;)


"i want to love you with my heart..."

After quite a lot of requests to see more of these photos (I was suprised and very please to hear how many people were expecting more photos, thank you for that!) I decided to post a little more! :)
and guess what...there's EVEN MORE to come :D hahah
Hope you enjoy these love birds working their magic infront of the camera!


"...and all of this life
moves around you
for all that you claim
your standing still,
you are moving too
you are moving too
you are moving too
i will move with you."