"You can see she's a beautiful girl she's a beautiful girl...she likes to leave you hanging on her word..."

Ok, so my faceproject thingie continues. Got two of my friends to pose for me...once again, yes I knoooow, my friends look good too...now either they were born with it or I'm just really good...you choose :P hahahahah...
The dark haired beauty is my friend Marit, who leaves back to U.S.A tomorrow. That's why I was in a bit of a hurry with her photos. But she did her job well and looked pretty as always:

And last but not least my dearest Anne the oh so hot "street cool" chick ;P She did a really good job this time as well..I was so mad that out older photos didn't work so well because of the light...but she delivered this time as well:

Hope you enjoyed them...


"just like a song in my heart..."

Some more of my "famous" flower pictures :D These I took in 2005. So few years back. I was crazy about taking photos of nature...especially close up photos and I feel like I have tons of these:



"I get a little warm in my heart when I think of winter..."

Few old photos that I took with my old camera like over a year ago...hope you enjoy! :)



"one more chance..."

I heard this song this morning and it just makes me feel so happy...feels like summer :)
Decided to spread some of that joy to you as well :)
Has a cute vid too:


"Shape of my heart..."

Some of my flower pictures. I have millions of pictures of flowers...I don't know why (maybe it has something to do with my name...) but somehow I just enjoy looking at them and taking pictures of them so so sooo much. Def. much easier models than people :) hahaha


"vai mikä se nyt oli...?"

hahah...a funny commercial...I'm afraid that this is only funny to my finnish friends :D
I just loved it when I saw it on tv :D


"Give me a reason to fall in love, take my hand and lets dance..."

Some pictures I took while I was in Sweden...just few couse most of them were of people I was there with and I'm not sure if they'd like me to spread their faces on my blog :)
But here's the random ones in the bunch...



"Well I remember the sleepless nights..."

Maaan, I feel like I have million photography/drawing/painting ideas that I'd like to do, but never get the time or the help I need to do them... Oh well...
Here's just some random pics I've taken like 3 years ago with my old camera:

The street pic is from Stockholm and I took it with an old film camera. I love the expressions on people's faces. And the granny on he side who tries to be so young and hip :)

aand here's another music vid:


I will love you always and forever

Hello my babies!
It's been a while again, but I have some new photos.
I did a wedding last saturday and have some samples to show you guys.
Just few and in small size, couse I don't want anyone to copy them anywhere.
They're my property as is every single photo I take and show here.
The wedding was great and I'm pretty pleased with the photos. I hope that I made the happy couple even happier :)
We didn't have luck with the weather...well we did couse when we took these pics the sun was shining, but as you can see there were some really dark clouds hanging above us. We went to a train track and next to a barn to take the pics. well hopefully you'll enjoy them: