"maybe I was born to hold you in these arms..."

Baby tiiiime!
This is the new little princess to enter our family. Such cute little girl!
I took these pictures a while ago at her little 'nameparty' or what ever it is called.
they're just some moment captured and nothing earth shatering but cute none the less.
Hope you like them.

When ever I see her I just wanna kiss her all over that cute little face!

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Yeah this last picture didn't really turn out the way it was supposed to...babies are really hard to take pictures of. Seriously! She kept moving all the time and pee'd on the blanket...twice? hahah
Well that's the best I got. Better luck next time I guess.

aaaaand more musiiiic!

Maaan I just love this song. Listen to the lyrics!

"...there's a voice singing loudly on the radio just for you
and good fortune will find him in the end
maybe i was born to hold you in these arms..."



"The heart is a rebel, Make me see..."

I'm back!
School applications have been sent and I'm FREEE!! well almost free, there's always work to be done to earn some money. But other than that I just need to wait for replies now from the schools to tell me if I have or have not been approved for the tests...yup just for the tests. If I pass the tests, THEN just then I might get into a school. Tricky tricky, I know...so fingers crossed people!
I did actually get a reply from the first school I signed for and they asked me to come for the tests. So now I'm signed for 3 day art tests from May 10th to 12th...scaaaryyyyy!!
Oh well, I'll try my best and that's all I can do really. If I get in I get in and GREAT! if I don't well...then they don't know what they're talking about :P hahah No but seriously, I'm trying not to get my hopes up. And I'm actually kind of annoyed with myself for telling people that I'm applying for the schools, cause I'm gonna hate it so much if I don't get in and then I'll have to explain to everyone...iiiiishk!

I'm not brave enough to show you guys just yet what kind of photos I send to these schools. Some of the assignments were pretty easy but some very quite hard. So I'm just gonna show you some random pics I took inbetween the assignments when I was practising.
These are some flowerpower pictures I took of this GORGEOUS dead flower we had in our kitchen. Yes it used to be alive but had dred up and as I was about to trow it out, I noticed how it had kept its beautiful color. So naturally I had to capture the beauty...well atleast try to do it. Just beautiful reds and pinks!

Had the price of looking been blindness, I would have looked. ~Ralph Ellison

So hope you enjoed these and I'll be back asap with new pictures again!
Thanks for staying tuned in!

p.s. More lovely music as always...
hopefully I'll be seeing this artist this summer!

...and then another artist I like:

"...The heart is a rebel
Make me see
I'm waiting for the wild
The heart is a rebel
Stay with me
I'm waiting for the wild

Nite after nite i open my eyes
Read between the silver lines, the end

Baby let's pretend it won't be always so hard
Somewhere along the end we'll be back at the start
It will be easier
It will be easier