who's gonna save my soul?

beautiful...but sad...and sooo true...somehow I really love this:


oooh I've always loved this clip...so beautiful...


"world spins madly on..."

Hello my poppets!

It's been a while (over a week to be exact) and that's couse I was in sweden the whole week. I don't have any pictures to post just yet (might put something up from sweden) but I decided to say something just to make clear that I'm still alive and this blog isn't dead :)

here's a quote for today:

While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see. ~Dorothea Lange



"careful what you wish for ..."

Oh, and some more Barcelona pictures:

Photobucket Photobucket




"your love is like a giant piggeon crapping on my heart...lalalaaa..."

Yeah...weeeell....we took the pictures yesterday aaaaand....well had some problems with the light so I only managed to get these two right :( I'm really really saaaad, couse there were some really good once too...Anne posed really well for me and the only ones that are good with the light, aren't that "amazing" or anything...
but no worries, we'll have a new photo shoot later. Hopefully they will turn out right then :)
Anyways...here they are...




"dreams so long ago..."

Hey you people who read this :)

I've been out of internet connection once again, but got it back today...so it's time to update my blooog...
Here's a sont that I fell in love with. Though it would be nice to post here as well...

I'm getting new pictures to my series today (my friend is coming over and has promised to pose for me :D) so I'll probably post them today or tomorrow.
But today I'll post some pictures of my Barcelona trip which I took over a month ago. Hope you enjoy them :)







"so sorry, two words I always say...after..."

I've done something bad...something really really baaaaaaaaaad...

(I remembered the day before...but that doesn't help)

So here it is:
Marit babe, soul sister...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope you had a great one and I can't wait to see you again in a month! :D

But actually babe, you should be happy that I forgot about it...or else I might have made you something like this!:

"I put my hands up to my face, So hard for me to just embrace the lens"

well helloooooooo...

Today I'm making my first post with photos of a photo series I'm gonna make. My goal is to make a huge series (or what ever it's called) of just different faces, from side, front and with faces that have that persons own personality in them. I wanna make it as natural looking as possible (bare shoulders and nude makeup) and show that you don't have to be a model to be "photogenetic" and look good in front of the camera. I've always loved looking at people's faces (perhaps that's why I have a better face memory than name memory :D ha!) and finding something in them that I like. That's why I came up with this and decided to get as many faces as possible. These people are my first "victims" and my first models to pose for me, so I'm only at the begining of this project. I'll be posting new pictures when ever I get them done..but yeah...here's the begining...

My lovely sister who's always ready to pose for me :)


And my sister in law...who actually is a model. I'm lucky to have a beautiful family, I know! hahah (if you're looking for model and like what you see, you can find her from http://www.modelboom.fi/ )


Btw, just to inform my friends and family (if any of you is reading this :P) let me know if you wanna model for me in this series, thanks!


Hello world!

ooook, here we go...my first (real) entrence on this blog, lets see how it goes :)

I basically have no idea what to say or write here or if anyone will actually read this (let alone comment anything or even care what I have to say) but this is my blog and I really didn't create it to say something smart or to race my voice for some couse or believe or what ever, I created it to show off my work, to have a place where people can look at them and tell me what they think...and maybe ask me questions on something or perhaps even hire me for something...you never know...

anyways, this is it...my photography (/art) blog where I can show off what I can do :) hopefully I'll get some people interested in my work.

Hmm...I guess that was that for today...next time I'll add some photos...see yah!



Well hello there!