"and the softest sigh when I’m empty..."

Today I kindly went to the city to meet up with my friends, to do something lovely for us human beings...but instead of that this is all I got...

...yes ladies and gentleman that's all you get when your hemoglobin is too low and you try to donate blood. It doesn't matter how badly you want to do it and wish and hope and the nurse tries and tries to take it over again from your other finger as well, it wont go up :/
I was sooo looking forward to it. I try to donate every 3 months (cause that's as often as women can do it) and my hemoglobine has always been superb (yes I use fancy words like 'superb' every now and then :P) and I've never had this problem before, but the nurse said that since I had been to the gym right before this and had been drinking a lot of water that it could have lovered my hemoglobine.
Damn you gym!

...ah well, next time in June then...poo!


And it’s the darkest side of my heart that dies when you come to me,
And it’s the golden ticket I win when you kill my enemies,
I hear the father’s cry and the softest sigh when I’m empty,
But if you leave me I’ll get me gone and drowned face down muddy in the water.

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