"Seems like all I really was doing was waiting for you..."

Sooooo the wedding season has started, and what better way to start it than with my little sister's wedding photos!
Yup that gorgeous creature is my sister with her handsome new husband :)
I was a wreck at this wedding (along side with my big sister :D hahah) we had a LOT to do and so little time. We designed and drew and planned and decorated and andandandandandandnad...just did a lot!
Thank goodness for having time to take the photos though. I thought we'd never have time for them and time for my ideas. Well my original plans/ideas didn't work out to be honest, (except the ginger beer ones) but I'm still pleased with these.
After all the hastle and running around and dark coulds that threatened us, it was a beautiful wedding in the end...and we got the sun!
Soooo, here's just few of the photos, still have some to go though and I promised not to post everything, but got the green light from them to show some :)
Here you are...hope you enjoy them!

ok, so I have to explain the ginger beer photos a bit. This Mr here looo-o-oooves this drink and so I decided to dedicate few of the photos for ginger beer haha

It was so much fun walking around the city with a bride and a groome. People couldn't stop staring (except in this photo) and smiling...everyone smiled when they saw them! aaaw!

running back to the car!

"I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife."
~Author Unknown

So that's that...a little preview of a lovely couple!

"...From this moment on I know
Exactly where my life will go
Seems that all I really was doing
Was waiting for love..."


"Love is like a sin my love, For the ones that feel it the most..."

Tests are half way through (with the first school), last day tomorrow! woop woop!
Let me tell yah, it hasn't been a picnic in the park!
My night before monday morning was horrible, kept waking up like every hour thinking I was already late. Then on monday morning as I finally woke up 30mins before I actually needed to, I went to make myself breakfast only to eat a bit of a rottened egg, the most disgusting taste ever! I felt like throwing up! weeeel, after that I got ready and we were finally off. On our way...we get LOST! we left 30min earlier than we should have and yet I got there 5mins before the test started, what a luck! Top of all the nerves and such I felt sick and throwing up because of my new medicine I eat for my skin. weeeell, I get my first assignment...the topic is ok...a bit lame, one that they seem to use everywhere. Human and nature together. Ok so I get this disposable camera and I have 3 hours. I have to stay within the grounds of the school...ok ok...I go outside aaand it's freeeeeezing! and the ground is wet and muddy. After 3 freezing hours and ruined shoes later, I went to eat. Break lasted an hour and then we got another assignment. Yes again one that I needed to shoot outside for. After 2 hours I felt my nerves going crazy cause I realized I had and interview...I hate those...buuuut I think I kind of rocked it! atleast they seemed to like me :) well on my way home, I missed my bus, had to wait for another one for an HOUR IN THE FEEEZING COLD! and to top it all at the next bus stop I ran to my bus and the driver saw me, but rove off anyways...how freaking nice is that? By that time I was hugry, cold, feeling scik, tired and maaaaaad! Yup wasn't a good day for me, but luckily there was some lovely chocolate cake waiting for me at home :)
Today we just painted and painted and drew for hours. 2 assignments for today as well...aaand we had a group assignment, where we had to be in an "photoshoot" and they checked how we reacted with other people.

Sooo...that's my update for now. Oh and there's a "new" photo...not sure if I like it or not...It needs something...somehting more...once I figure it out I'll shoot it again!
But there it is anyways!
Ok now I need to go to bed, last test day tomorrow!
Nighty night!

"...It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm
we can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable..."


"It might have been a while Since you've been loved..."

Well EXCELLENT morning to everyone on this fine beautiful sunny warmish day!
I feel quite happy today for some reason. I'm guessing it's the weather and the fact that sun is shining today. Although yesterday was horrible, raining raining and raining and I thought it wound ruin my day, BUT I was wrong cause I still go to do all the things I planned and then some.
Speacing of then somes, this is the then some I did :) I was bored at home and decided to see how my idea would turn out in reality. And I was not supposed to use myself as a model...but eh, when your bored your bored and when you have no one else around you yourself are the next best thing I guess. Funny how when ever I havea photo of myself it's usually out of boredom :D hahah
Soooo...I "glued" some hearts on my lips, posed infront of the camera, photoshopped a bit more than usual...and vóla!
I do like it how my lips look very juicy...like those hearts were smushy candy. Don't you think?
Oh and I just had to add those creepy eyes. Reminds me of husky dogs. (or what ever they are called) And yes I am really pale and white in real life...but not THIS pale :P
Anyways, that's it for today!
Enjoy if you can!
and most defenetly try to enjoy the day no matter what the weather is like! :)

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. ~Mark Twain


P.s. as usual, I LOVE THIS SONG! and the LYRICS!

"It might have been a while
Since you've been loved
Like you should be loved

It might have been a while
Since you've been kissed
Like you should be kissed

In tender loving arms
Might be something you miss

Well summerbreeze is blowing through your window
And summerbreeze is blowing through your hair
And something in your eyes that you cannot disguise
Don't tell me it ain't there

It might have been a while
Since you've been loved
By one who really loves you

It might have been a while
Since you could trust
That someone really cares

When people like us
Meant to go 'round in pairs

Summerbreeze is blowing through your window
And summerbreeze is blowing through your hair
Something in your eyes that took me by surprise
Don't tell me that it ain't there"