"What do you want? what do you want from us?..."

Hello there boys and girls and everyone inbetween!
I had the wedding last weekend and it went...well..ok I guess...
things didn't really go the way I had expected and it felt like there was too many things going on at the sametime for me to concentrade so I kind of stood there like a stupid person. And it made it even harder for me that it was in England, couse apparently people here do all the wedding fuss bt differently...oh well...we'll see what comes out of them..still in the middle of going through the photos.
I went to Bristol as well on that same weekend and took some nice photos at this GORGEOUS huge bridge they had there. It was my second time in Bristol and I was surprised that the first time I visited there, NO ONE told me about the bridge.
Better later than never I guess :)
Anyways, HEre's some pics from that bridge...we only went there during the night, but I think it gave a nice touch to the pictures:


P.s. Still very much in love with Gotye:


"My love let me go again..."

Annnnd I'm off to Bristol and tomorrow I have a wedding to take photos of...
wish me good luck! :)


"But when I’m in doubt, I open my mouth..."

Some pictures I took a while ago...
got to looove the way english "soliders" dress up and walk...
I want one of those furry hats :P hhahah
I just had to take a photo of Elli standing there...
look at the way her legs are! just so cute!

Oh and a new song people...
My new summer song I'd say



"I'm a fool to love you..."

Oh I'm in loooooooooove with this commercial.
No surprise that it's Chanel's commercial, they just nail it every time...
(that's why I use Chanel myself...well not really, I just fell in love with the scent :D)
The Mood, the "story", the music, the colours, the sets...
it's just aaaah!
Something I wanna create in my photos,
I wanna nail it as well as they do!
That is my goal...
So wish me good luck!
and here's the commercial, got to looove Audrey Tautou
I would love to look like her, oh yes most defenetly:

and here's the actual song by Billie Holiday: