"I forgot to tell you I love you..."

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. ~Mother Teresa

Amen! Mother teresa clearly knew what she was talking about.
Love is the name of the game today.
I've been wondering about love lately and what it's all about (guess it's cause of all of the wedding photos) Love in the romantic sense that is. Not the way you love your mother or your friends, the way you love that someone special. Have I ever felt it? I don't know...I think so, yet I can't really say. Well I can honestly say that I haven't felt the "oh I'd go to the other end of the world, give you all the stars and die for you" kind of love. The kind where you give yourself to the other person 100%, don't hold back and just trust with your whole life on the other person.
I'm probably one of the most romantic people there are in the world and I might have maybe a bit too high expectations when it comes to love. No I'm not the crazy type who expects to be showered with gifts, serenades, love poems (although those are nice) and romantic meals all the time. I do have my feet on the ground. I know that the type of things that happen in movies are not real life, but sometimes I do wish something like that would happen to me. To be swept off my feet...I wanna feel that feeling. To be utterly and compelety in love. Who's to say that things can't happen in real life the way they are in movies? What is stopping us from doing things sometimes like in the movies? Just couse it's not real life, doesn't mean that we shouldn't try (atleast sometimes)...I know I'm gonna stay in my goofy romantic ways for the rest of my life. It's part of me, it is who I am...runs in my veins. And I'm probably gonna end up being the romantic one in the relationship..but hey it's ok cause I love giving as much as recieving. Making the other person happy. All though if I never got anything romantic back I'd probably "die", hahah yeha sounding like a romantic looney right now.

I do think about love quite often actually. Probably couse I feel the need for it all the time. Ponder it, and think of the different ways there are to love someone. It's the one thing that keeps this world running and not dying completely. Think about it. We'd probably all be dead without love. Couse with love comes kindness, caring for each other, protection and valuing peoples lifes. Without it I say we'd just end up killing each other.
Look at me trying to sound so smart, stating things that are already pretty much given facts in this life hahah

Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence. ~Eric Fromm

Amen to that as well!

Anyways here are some more wedding pics from this summer.
Hope you enjoy them!


P.s. Remember to tell people you love how you really feel about them! Life's too short!

Time for a cheesy love song. I actually happen to love this song couse it helds so many memories. Enjoy if you can! ;D


Pamela said...

You do sound very smart! And I promise you, real life can be just as good as in the movies! Better actually.

Runotyttö said...

Amen sis!!