"your mouth is a trumpet somebody else plays..."

All sorts of bodily diseases are produced by half-used minds. ~George Bernard Shaw

Yes, once again I'm being selfcentered for a moment, but I have a point to make with these photos, so bare with me won't yah! :)
I was going through my old photos and I ran into these pictures. These pictures are probably like 5 years old and my selfportraits from those days (which means I was around 16-17 years old). Right before I ran into these photos I talked with my friend and how much we're both annoyed with all the weightloss obsession that has taken over this world. (you already know how I feel about this since I've ranted about it before :P hahah) How it seems that the world just runs around looks and being skinnier and skinnier. It's a completely different thing to change your lifestyles to be healthy, than to diet yourself to death just couse you wanna be size 0.
"Funny" thing is that the people who obsess about it are the ones that have the least to worry about. The ones that are already skinny.
See the pictures above? that girl in those photos thought she was fat. Really!I was actually shocked myself when I saw those photos and remembered what my thoughts were. I really honestly did think I was big. WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT?! What on earth makes your head get so messed up? Why do we keep doing these things to ourselves? Torturing over something so tiny. I'm pretty sure that we were not born to this world to lose weight and weist our lifes on counting calories and how many steps we take today. There are far more important things in life! I know I myself still have some work to do on that field. I do every now and then wake up with the 'fat' thoughts, we all do and we ALL should just stop. Living healthy is great and I ingourage to do so, but it seems that we can't (atleast women can't) seem to keep it in control, we always take it too far. Way too far. If nothing else makes you realize that then just open the tv, it's freaking over loaded with weightloss programs and documentaries of anorexia. If I hear anyone talk to me about how fat they are or how they should lose weight one more time I'm gonna lose my mind.

Anyways, that was that for today. I know I didn't change anybodys life with this and the world will just keep doing things as always. But hey, atleast I got to let it all out and maybe just maybe realized something really important myself.

Be careful of your thoughts, they may become words at any moment. ~Iara Gassen


Some Priscilla Ahn again...


Citizen Jared said...

your words are inspiring. my ass size isn't whats important.. its my heart.

i think we do obsess about being the best at everything.. school, work, looks, etc... thats how our society is now.. we're not relaxed because in order to achieve things we have to be competitive.. thats how our society is these days. i agree with you though, good thoughts..

PaperHeart said...

HAhaah :D I like that, I'm gonna quote you next "my ass size isn't whats important.. its my heart."

Yeah everything in this world turns into a obsession, people think too much. Well all we can do is try to fix our own lives and hope that we'll be a good example at least to the people around us I guess

Sanni said...

hyva kukka!
just tanaan mietin, etta oon paljon sinut itteni kanssa talla vartalolla, kun ikina olin laihana. paatin etten enaa ikina aio sanoo etta "vitsit ku oon laski" vaan aion yrittaa elaa terveellisesti, urheilla, mut aion ma silti aina valilla syoda hamppariaterian :D

Sanni said...

... siis "paljon enemman sinut.."