"You're not alone in anything You're not alone in trying ..."

It's been a while yet again. I've been going through some new wedding photos and trying to sort them as well as some engagement photos, while at the sametime trying to sort though my own life aaaand projects I have in my head...
So I've been keeping busy once again, but that's not to say that I haven't enjoyed some quality free time laying on the grass in the sun, sleeping outside and taking it all in.
SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! and I can't seem to keep myself from smiling :D Sun has that effect on me :) I can't wait to be bale to put on some dresses and skirts (well I've already been wearing those) and go out with my legs showing hahah...
Oh and guess what...
I bought myself pink trousers...YES, PINK! I HATE PINK! :D hahaha I was supposed to buy myself red ones, but instead surprised myself and ended up going for the pink (well it's actually corallishpinkish) I guess the girly girly super girl girl inside of me won after all these years. I would have NEVER EVER thought that this day would come, that I'd buy something pink...well that just goes to show that life is always unpredictable and surprises you when you least expect it to :)

Anywayyyyyyys, here are some photos of my lovely little muffin! my niece, my gorgeous little niece who just melts your heart right away. I hadn't seen her in a long time and she has grown so much. She has this gorgeous reddish curly hair and a face that makes the most funniest expressions ever...and she keeps saying "titta titta!" (which is swedish and means "look look!") I 'just love that girl soooo much! (and her brother who wouldn't let me take photos of him)
I miss them so much and hate the fact that I dont see them that often anymore (they moved to another city)

ooooh, and Rome was great, thaks for asking :D hahah I will post some photos from that trip as well :)

Ok now I really need to go to bed.

Hope you enjoy these!


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your kids are adorable! I LOVE THEM TO BITS!