"I heard her say Can I have you Caught up on what to say I said you do.."

Went to see Angus and Julia Stone on the 20th and absolutely loved it!

I want to have beautiful Ausralian babies with lovely Australian accents and gorgeous dark eyes and curly hair with Angus Stone. I mean mmmhmm, that man makes my heart sing :D haha

btw that guy in this pic is not Angus, that's the warm up dude...can't remember his name anymore but he was sooo good!!

Julia, she is gorgeous and has so much stage carisma it's mezmerising. She flirts with the audiance constantly and knows how to make you laugh while she sings, while Angus is this calm and chilled guy on the background letting her shine, but still not losing your attention. They were both so down to earth and you felt like you were listening to your friends jam in their living room.
I just love this dynamic duo, they pulled me in to this lovely world of peace and yes, I dare say serenity for couple of hours where I completely forgot reality. I love gigs like that!

I want to see them again!!!
That was that for today, if you have the time please do listen to their much (I've posted their music before)


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