"i want to love you with my heart..."

After quite a lot of requests to see more of these photos (I was suprised and very please to hear how many people were expecting more photos, thank you for that!) I decided to post a little more! :)
and guess what...there's EVEN MORE to come :D hahah
Hope you enjoy these love birds working their magic infront of the camera!


"...and all of this life
moves around you
for all that you claim
your standing still,
you are moving too
you are moving too
you are moving too
i will move with you."


selja sini said...

ihanii kuvia. you've got talent. i only hope you're not too famous when i get married so i can book you to take some wedding pictures;)

PaperHeart said...

hehehe kiiiitos Selja :)
Well at this rate I'll be famous when I'm old and cranky :P