"Did anything to get to that spring..."


Yeah I've gone a bit nuts with summer and warm weather and pretty little dresses and skirts and looking really girly!
I took these photos about 2 weeks ago (more or less) for a friend who's about to become a stylist? yeah I guess you could call her that. Anyways, she asked me to do 4 different sets of photos for her portfolio. So I decided to post the firt photoshoot I did with the pretty little ballooooooons!!

Yup it was a bit windy that day...

...and she's gonna love it that I posted this photo as well ;P hahah I love it when people laugh, like REALLY laugh...this is one of those moments! :D

Hope you enjoyed these moments!
More to come


p.s. Thanks for the lovely comments on the wedding photos! meant a lot to me! <3 p.p.s This is defenetly going to be one of my summer songs this year!


Mirka said...

I just loooove these photos! As well as the wedding photos. <3

And Meri is so pretty, as usual!

Pamela said...

Aivan ihana kuva tuo viimeinen.

selja sini said...

Looove balloons in pictures...you're pictures keep gettin better and better- POST MORE! Love the song as well :)