"did I sell my soul for this feeling so long ago?"

So the guys/"my clients" hahah showed the pictures yesterday so it is ok for me to show them off here now :)
I really had blast doing this, I love when people dress up and get into the their characters and you just shoot "randomly" what they are doing :D oh and when you have such beautiful cars to use in those photos, aaaaah! PERFECT!
I just wish I'd own nice objects and good light :/ I have good ideas (although this idea was not mine but a "dream" that the guys had) but just not the means always to make them come true :(
Oh well, someday...
Anyways hope you'll enjoy these and have something to say about them :)
I was pleased to see 3 of the pictures hanging on their living room wall.
don't really have thought in my head right now...nothing that would move you people in anyway...except that I've finally come terms with the fact that fall truly is here...suuuuucks! cause it's getting colder and I can't wear my summer dresses anymore...


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hilsupete said...

way sweet pictures!!