"You can see she's a beautiful girl she's a beautiful girl...she likes to leave you hanging on her word..."

Ok, so my faceproject thingie continues. Got two of my friends to pose for me...once again, yes I knoooow, my friends look good too...now either they were born with it or I'm just really good...you choose :P hahahahah...
The dark haired beauty is my friend Marit, who leaves back to U.S.A tomorrow. That's why I was in a bit of a hurry with her photos. But she did her job well and looked pretty as always:

And last but not least my dearest Anne the oh so hot "street cool" chick ;P She did a really good job this time as well..I was so mad that out older photos didn't work so well because of the light...but she delivered this time as well:

Hope you enjoyed them...

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Citizen Jared said...

shiggity shiggity bang bang! love it!