"You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time...there's nothing you and I won't do..."

Oooooook, so more photos for my project :) 3 of my friends again. Took these photos yesterday and let me tell you, these have been such pain for me :D hahah...not the models (you girls rocked and posed really well) but maaan, had some trouble AGAIN with the light and I Was affraid that these would not turn out right. Well I managed to save some of them after all (they were bit shaky or too dark) and here they are.
First is my friend Saara (who's wedding pictures I took and showed before):

Then comes Riikka...the freaking tallest of them all...I had to stand on two dictionary books when I took photos of her. She's tall...or I'm really short...either way:

And then Pauliina. LOOK AT HER EYES! seriously G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! I'm so jealous...they're so BLUE! well they actually all had really beautiful eyes and colours that you could see from miles. Really pure colours. I was lucky!:

Thanks girls SO MUCH!
Hugs and kisses,


Mirka said...

Hey, great photos - you are so talented! I'd love to be part of this photo series of yours once I'm back from Spain (so most likely next year)... Ok? :)

PaperHeart said...

thanks MIrka! :D and sure yeah...the more the merrier :D

Citizen Jared said...

lovely! just too lovely!