"and if I should come to be relieved, would it be without you..."

This song sounds like me at the moment, the lyrics fit so well. I have some kind of talent with this. I'm serious, I always manage to find a song that has lyrics that fit my life or that day or that minute and what I'm feeling, perfectly. And I dont even try to find somehting that fits me, I just put my playlist on and randomly pick stuff and they always seem to be songs that sound like what I'm going through. I'm a lyric nutter if you didn't know that already, lyrics always bring that extra to the music:

"she feels she needs to leave

when the fields are all covered in frost

and the dreams begin to breathe

opening the partly open locks

"...she feels she needs to leave

to avoid a messy aftermath

alone between lines of anguished needs

rearranged to allow a newborn path"


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