"sometimes when this place gets empty, sound of a breath fades with the light..."

Yellooooooooow everyone!
It's freaking COLD HERE! (well actually today it is better) but SOOOOO beautiful outside at the sametime. We get snow like crazy every day. Cars and people have trouble moving from place to place, but we manage none the less. We are people of the north after all hahah

Here's few photos I took while I made my sister stand in the freezing cold snow in the middle of frozen sea. Her skin got blue end red but she did it none the less and after wards said something like this "you owe me BIG time..." hahah

I prefer this last photo and it is the main one...these two others are just extra.
The one at the bottom is more what I was looking/aiming for when I got this random idea in my head. If you didn't know or hadn't noticed before I've always had a thing for red, black and white. Red is just something that catches my eye straight away and makes me feel bolder somehow.
I love wearing it. But I usually wear it little bit somewhere. Like white shirt, black leggings and red shoes or red bow in my head or something like that...or better yet red lips. Muah! hahah

Every mile is two in winter. ~George Herbert

Hope you enjoyed these!

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