"One of these days now you'll start dreaming of the past..."

Hello everyone!
Been a while...you know first Christmas and then New years, those things keep you busy busy busy.
But I'm here now and I have some drawings to who you guys.
Made these with permanent marker and I think they turned out pretty good. The first one I made for my sister as a gift and the rest are just for fun.
I'm pretty blank in my head at the moment, it is 2 in the night after all, so I wont be writing anything special now, I just had to show you guys these and tell you that I'm still a live and have more pictures to show :)
Anyways, time for me to go to bed...

This man here is most def my fav one so far...took some time to make it

This lady was my first one of the three. I was proud of it first but now that I compare it to the one above...näääh...

P.S. Made a new layout. I like the banner but I HATE IT that I don't know how to code and all that stuff, so the rest don't do justice to it ..SUCKS! :(


Isa said...

I LOVE those drawings... especially the WOMAN (that you don't like so much). Have you thought of selling some of these on etsy? I would totally buy one!

Isa said...

Oh.. and I also LOVE the new banner. Lots of LOVEY LOVEY today. :D

PaperHeart said...

well thank you...a couple of years ago I thought about joining Etsy but then never really did it...I should think about it again...
Thanks! I quite proud of it myself :D

PaperHeart said...

Btw, how did you manage to get your blog to look like that? with those 3 colums instead of 2? it looks so much nicer than mine..I'm annoyed that I can't seem to make this page look like me :/

Isa said...

You should! I really think you'd make a bank! :)

Oh, and for all kinds of free blogging templates, check out http://www.ourblogtemplates.com/. The one I have is called "Brooklyn." It's super easy to do, especially for those of us who hate coding. :)