"It's dangerous to be sleeping alone..."

People people people!

All you followers and visitors!
I need some help.

Since I've been asked to make a separate blog for my wedding photography, I decided to have a vote amongst you guys and see what you think.
So if you'd be so nice and vote, weather you're just randomly visiting on my page or not,
I'd love that A LOT!
Thank you!


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myrtlemichelle said...

Kukka, if you wanted to fly to America this October, I would love to have you do the photography at mine and Joe's wedding. :)

PaperHeart said...

Wow, that would be great!
But unfortunately I don't have the money and free time...and I have couple of other weddings to do here during the summer. Although I am trying to get to the states to take photos at my little sisters other reception (she's getting married to an American) they'll be having one here and there. But I'm not sure how possible that will be :/

selja sini said...

I say do it. That's gonna be a good start for whatever the final direction is with photography and what you want to focus on with it. Love the new music- angus and julia stone (:

Henrique Abrantes said...

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PaperHeart said...

excuse me dude but I have NO idea what you're saying...