"You Will Know What To Do..."

I have a love hate relationship with fall.
I love fall because:
- that's when I have my birthday
-there's no other season with so many colors
-I love the smell of wet ground
-you know that Christmas is bit closer
-you can dress up in nice big wool shirts
-scarf tiiiiiiime, pretty pretty scarfs
-it's the time of the year when sitting inside under your blankets is exceptable
-beautiful light outside to take pictures

I hate fall because:
-It means that my favorite season, Summer, is oveeeeeeeeer :(
-I don't get to wear pretty dresses outside anymore
-it just keeps getting colder till you can't feel your feet and fingers
-skin and lips get dry and it hurts
-it's dark(er)...which sucks...

Song that will make you feel warmer on this cold fall day:


Jeffrey said...

I like fall because my fall wardrobe is the best. I'm skinny so layers are the best look for me. And the colors I love the colors. Today I'm wearing a navy t-shirt with a rich plum v-neck sweater and chocolate brown corduroy pants, orange socks (for shock value) and brown shoes.

I love the rain, and I love the smell of the leaves on the ground, and I love chili and pumpkin pie.

And all the cool tv shows come back on too .

PaperHeart said...

aaa you made excellent points there my friend :D and you're outfit and the colors you matched sound really really good...I myself am pretty boring when it comes to colors in clothing, I'm a lover of black and white and red...and for some reason during the fall I love this dark yellow goldish color...I should use more color, cause rich colors really go well with my hair and skintone.

Amen to all you said Mr :)

Jeffrey said...

Dear PaperHeart,

So funny! Today while i was in the shower I had a vision of my outfit. It seemed a bit odd but I could not deny it. So today I'm wearing a black western shirt with black skinny Levis, bright red socks and white shoes! It matches your color scheme. I felt that before the day was over I would discover why i was suppose to wear this get-up.

so funny.

PaperHeart said...

hahaha :D are you serious? Sounds like something I would love :D hahah especially the combo of red socks and white shoes...I have a pair of gorgeous white shoes I love to wear every now and then, but I've never worn them with red socks, I need to try that sometime :)
You need to take a picture of that outfit you were wearing and send it to me or put it in your blog :)