"If I had another chance..."

Went to see a "light show" there was in a theme park. I have to tell you that I was a bit dissapointed, I expected MUCH more...but here's all I got...I couldn't really take a lot of photos cause my hands were freeeezing to death.
Anyways, things at this end are moving forward a bit, had a job interview today and I really hope it went well, fingers crossed...
That's about it for today...empty head...
...but a full heart...
Sometimes I feel like the girl in this vid:

M:"need help?"
W:"who doesn't"
M:"Is that your heart?"
M:"it's big"
W: "It's small now..."
W:"It was bigger before..."
W:"Yeah that's my problem..."

Aaaaaaaaaaw...I hate that man for doing that to her and not showing up! I know I know it's a freaking music video but still...well made one, at least the thought behind it...


Citizen Jared said...

did you get the job?? hope you find out today :)

Ewan said...

Hey that vid wasn't Roger Sanchez another chance cos I love that chooon!!! Sort it Kukka :p It was a sad video tho nearly made me me cry :p That doesn't just happen to girls you know :'( ;)

PaperHeart said...

Ewan yes that was that song...it says that on youtube and on spotify...so I can't be wrong :P