"make my heart feel surprised..."

hahah :D oh maan, I have to share somehting that happened today with
the youngest one of the kids...
He was in his room with his mom changing his clothes and they were singin "London bridge is falling down falling down falling down..." don't know if you're familiar with that song, but anyways, the funny part was when the mom stopped singing and we could hear what Topias was singin. He sang "London bitch is falling down falling down falling down" we burst out laughing and the poor guy had no idea what we were laughing at...aaaaw, bless him <3>

Another funny thing he said was when his grandparents were visiting and his grandma was putting on some makeup, he looked at her and asked "Why are you putting that on your face?"
Grandma: "It makes my skin look good"
Him: "and helps it from falling off"
HAHAHAH! Got to love kids :D hahah

Here's him wearing his "king of britain" outfit as he'd say:Love,

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