"It's hard to let this go..."

Hey yah people!
Had a great weekend with my big sis in London town, Thorpe park and Guildford. We were lucky to have great weather through the weekend and took some pictures randomly Unfortunately I didn't have my own camera with me in thorpe park (not a place for it :P) but I used my sisters cam and she has the pics from there. I LOOOVE rollercoasters and it was a good place to experience some rollercoaster madness!

So anyways, here's few pictures from this weekend:

See how graceful my sister is and then compare them to my movements in the pictures above...yeah not the most graceful person in the world...oh well you can't have it all hahah

Hope you all have a beautiful sunny summer weather as I do and can enjoy it full heartedly!

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hilsupete said...

You did it again!! those pictures are SWEET!! isolla ässällä :D