"I can teach you thing or two...yeah yeah..."

OK it seems that my blog has now turned into "nanny stories" and lost it's meaning as a photography blog (it will return back to it's original roots when I go back home, so bare with me), couse once again I have a story that happened today with the younges kid.
Here goes:
I was playing upstairs with him while waiting for the mom to come home when all of a sudden he let out this huuuuge fart, and when I say huge I mean the kind that lasts long and sounds like something else has come out as well. He got a scared look on his face and then said "I didn't poop...I didn't poop..."
me: "really? couse it smells like it...are you sure you didn't poop?"
he: "I didn't poop..." he still looks awkward and won't sit down next to me to play with the cars even though he said that he wants to. Then he all of a sudden says that he wants to go downstairs. We get to the top of the stairs and I try to pick him up to carry him down and he says that he will walk himself...this surprised me couse he usually wants someone to carry him. He walked in a really weird way and still wouldn't sit down and all of a sudden he started babling on and on saying "you clean me in the bathtub, mummy cleans me in the sink...why do you clean me in the bathtub?" this went on and on and on, till the mom came home. He ran to her and said "Mom I made a huge poop! clean it!" At this point I was laughing so hard and I told the whole thing to the mom and we both laughed.
It seemed that the last time I cleaned his poopy butt in the bathtub he had hated it and was scared this time that I would do the same thing again :D Poor thing had to walk around the house for a half an hour with a big poop in his pants, just couse he was scared of the tub :D Hahahahah!
anyways...those are the highlights of my days now a days...how saaaaaad :P hahaha but in its own way fun I guess. I do love these kids even though as lovely as they are, they do have their bad days as well :)
I have like million photography ideas in my head again, but they're something I can only do when I back in Finland, so I had to scetch them up so that I'd remember them after this trip. Hopefully I'll find good models for them :)
If any of my friends back in Finland are reading, sign up babies!

That's for it today I think...

Here's a song I reunited with after a looong loong time...reminds me of the good party times I had with my girlies!




Pamela said...

hahahah! wicked nanny!

PaperHeart said...

Yep...I am THE best nanny ever :D HAHAHA

hilsupete said...

if i ever poop in my pants i ques i better not call you for help! XD hihihihi