"I close my eyes on the dancefloor..."

I'm so annoyed right now...all I can do is post freaking videos...greaaaaaat! not the point of this blog...gaaaaaaaaaaah!
I'm NOT having a good day today...
But this song did cheer me up little bit...

Oh and another thing that cheered me up (well this happened last week)
was when I was at home with the youngest one of the kids (2 years old) and he came to me and said "mmm...big poop came"
me: "Ok, well I guess we need to change it then..."
him: "yeah..." he's quiet for a while and then has a concerned look on his face.
Me: "what is it?"
he: "Are you sure you're not gonna get any poop on your fingers?"
and I couldn't help but just laugh. He was soooooo cute and so worried about it :D

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