"don't wanna be yours no more..."

Yes people I'm still alive...juts not able to get my pics up which buggs me SOOOO MUCH!
That is the whole point of this blog and my passion so I'm going nuts here :/
But one positive thing DID happen, I got a comp...not a good one but a comp none the less...
Just need to see if it can run my precious photothingies...
These kind of things, these little things that you don't realize that you need so much till you lose them, those little things make me miss home :)
And missing my friends (which is not a little thing to miss) doesn't help either. Oh well it just makes you appreciate home more and what you have in your life.
Ok, ok, things arent's as bad as they sound, I AM LOVING IT HERE! and it's a lovely experience in every way. And what's even greater, it's getting SO MUCH warmer here. The flowers are blooming the birds are singing and I didn't need a jacket outside today, L.O.V.E.L.Y :)
And London still has my heart and will probaböy always have it...
That's it for today...
all I can really say is that I'm working on it and hopefully I will have my pics up soon :)
Thanks for your patience ;)

Some brainless fun my friend send me...yeah I know, no point...yet you laugh at it :P

and music ofcourse :)

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Citizen Jared said...

paperheart fart! i miss you!