Hello world!

ooook, here we go...my first (real) entrence on this blog, lets see how it goes :)

I basically have no idea what to say or write here or if anyone will actually read this (let alone comment anything or even care what I have to say) but this is my blog and I really didn't create it to say something smart or to race my voice for some couse or believe or what ever, I created it to show off my work, to have a place where people can look at them and tell me what they think...and maybe ask me questions on something or perhaps even hire me for something...you never know...

anyways, this is it...my photography (/art) blog where I can show off what I can do :) hopefully I'll get some people interested in my work.

Hmm...I guess that was that for today...next time I'll add some photos...see yah!


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Citizen Jared said...

oh its all just sooooo lovely, except your media player not working for me! now that you got your "blog" up, where your art? get on it k fri!!