"Fill these spaces up with days..."


I know it's been a looooooong time and no I really dont have that much to update at the moment, except that I'm lovin every second of this internship and there will soon be a new blog and a new webpage for meee!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!
Lets all have a dance party and go crazy! WOOP WOOP!!
Sooo before I have them up I Wont show you guys any of the work Ive been doing here in California...I know I know I'm sorry but I want it to be a "surprise"

Anyways, what I do wanna do now is to promote my sister and her blog and her Etsy store. Check her out:
HazyLace Etsy
HazyLace Blog

And here's a good song for you guys to listen to on this chill nice hot and beautiful Sunday afternoon. It's an old song to me, but I just ran into it recently and wanted to share it with you:



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