"I'm in here can anybody see me?..."

'Unfinished girl' 2010

This is a drawing I made like 6 months ago or so. I was supposed to finish it, but decided that I liked her this way better :)
Hope you guys like it,

"Can't you hear my call?
Are you coming to get me now?
I've been waiting for,
you to come rescue me,
I need you to hold,
all of the sadness I can not,
living inside of me...


J.lee Hansen said...

How am I just now finding this?!!!!


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

what a beautiful drawing!!! i should do more of my own... you have inspired me! thanks and hope all is well.

PaperHeart said...

Hey guys, thanks for the nice comments :)
THANK YOU Hansen! you are awesome too :D and welcome to my blog, hope you visit me more often from now on :)
And Kelley Im glad to be and inspirational source of some kind :) thanks for sticking around to see my work!