"hold on to what you've got..."

Pics I took in Turku on new years eve of a castle called Turun linna...
That castle holdss a special place for me in my heart
and I just thought it would be nice to
take pictures of it when it was nicely lit

I know, bit shaky...it WAS night and I didn't have my tripod with me!
But I still think it looks quite nice none the less

once again I'm in loooo-o-oooove!
A friend of mine send me this song and I fell in love right away
and the video, AMAZING!

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Luisito said...

I have liked Apparat since I heard Orchestra of bubbles, Orchestra of Bubbles (2006) with Ellen Alien, I live their style, but if you can check this album.........you will love it.......I Love a Trip Hop group, called ARCHIVE, I don't know how to send my recommendations and my feedback in a private way, so, I will leave you videos, and links in your pictures comments....thanks in advance......